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All Used Equipment

Kwikway Boring Bar model FN

$6254. outright or $5264. exch.

Reconditioned Boring Bar with complete tool kit Bores from 2.630″ to 5.33″

Used Kwikway Boring Bar model FWS II & 1291 Stand

$5250. for both

This bar & stand, is like new, hardly used. Micrometer set and tested, ready to use. Bores from 1 3/4″ to 3 3/4″ I don’t think it has bored 10 holes.

Kwikway Boring Bar model “FL”

$7950. outright or $6950. exchange

This is a refurbished FL bar. including ‘Quill polished, casting honed to size, 7 new gears as needed, belts, drive key, feed nut, pulley bearings, anchor nuts, new tool bits, diamond lap, Motor rebuilt with new cord, and 27 hours labor. Comes with a complete tool kit. Bores from 3″ to 6 3/4″

Kwikway Boring Bar Tool Kit for model “F”

$ 850.

Tool kit for model “F” with square fingers only

Serv Equip Boring Stand


This is one of the nicest and solid stands, works well with a Kwikway FN or FL boring bar, Stand only

Kwikway Boring Bar model FWS II

see above

This is a reconditioned (rebuilt) and tested FWS II Boring Bar Includes a tool kit with a metric micrometer. Pricing: FWS II Boring Bar is $5390. outright or $ 4390. exchange. Bar comes with insert style tool holders with 3 corner bits, no need to sharpen tool bits (which means they won’t change as they […]

Sunnen Mandrel 2700

$ 265.

A 2700 mandrel for Sunnen

Kwikway Boring Bar model “FN” reconditioned (rebuilt)

"FN: is $6264.00 or $5264.00. exchange

For 39 years I sold Kwikway boring bars new & used. Most of the used ones needed some repair, but now that the later models “FN”s, “FL”s, “FW”s “FWS”s have been out since 1964 most of them now need much more repair to work right, with some exception, I  mostly quit selling used as is kwikway bars, […]

Sunnen Cap Cutter model 500

$ 495.

Works good

Sioux Valve Refacer model 645L


The cleanest Sioux 645L machine I have seen for a long time. From a 1 man shop

Robbie Line Bore Machine 100″

$ 18,500.

This 100″ capacity machine is in good working condition with 3 bars and lots of accessories, ready to use,

Phoenix Boring Bar model BB1600 (New)

$ 7995. reduced to $4495.

Model shown in picture blue is a large BB1600. These Phoenix machines have been made in Asia for 22 years. These machines are a combination of Kwikway, Storm Vulcan & Rottler. In testing we got a beautiful finish. This bar has aprox the same range as a kwikway “FL” Bores from 3.150″ to 6.500″ and […]

Kwikway SGF motor, coupler and stone holder


Runs good, very good condition including flex head

Kwiway Valve Seat Installing

$ 250.

Model “M” Portable Valve seat installing (no pocket cutters) 2 driver trans units, 2 hold downs and what you see. If you have KW cutters and main seat driver, you can use. Both of them and a original box, works good for marine and flathead engines.        

Zanrosso (kwikway) Crank Grinder model MITO 360

Call for price

Large Crank Grinder with all accessories: Chucks & Y drivers, stroke comparitor, stroke finder, degree finder, 3 steadys, 4 hubs & 6 wheels 36″, radius dresser. 13.5 ” stroke & 86.5″ between centers. weighs 15,500 lbs Grinds from 2 tenths to dead needle most of the time.

Delta Rod & Main Cap Cutter Model 6200 HD

$ 4,940.00

The only cap cutter that the motor table tilts with a dial indicator. Can cut the sides of Main caps accurately Optional Bench  $ 395.00