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Kwikway Boring Bar model FWS II (used_)

$3850. outright

This is a used bar that works and looks so good I am just going to sell used (no work needed) It has a new diamond lifetime lapping disc and STD micrometer and more tool bits than std. kwikway stand, model 1291 sold separate.

Kwikway Boring Bar Tool Kit for model “F”

$ 850.

Tool kit for model “F” with square fingers only

Serv Equip Boring Stand


This is one of the nicest and solid stands, works well with a Kwikway FN or FL boring bar, Stand only

Kwikway Boring Bar model FW II

$5750. outright or $4750. exch

Refurbished Kwikway bar with tool kit ready to use includes: motor reconditioned, quill ground or polished, all gears and clutches replaced as necessary, new diam lap and tool bits, tested & crated. Bores from 2.200 to 4.440″

Kwikway Boring Bar model “FT”

$3850. outright

Refurbished FT bar with complete tool kit (ready to use) An older kwikway bar and gets a wonderful finish Bores from 2.630 to 5.440″ $3850.

Kwikway Boring Bar model FWS II and 1291 stand

see above

This is a reconditioned (rebuilt) and tested FWS II Boring Bar Includes a tool kit with a metric micrometer. Also a used boring stand model 1291. Pricing: FWS II Boring Bar is $5390. outright or $ 4390. exchange. The used 1291 stand is $ 1350. Bar comes with insert style tool holders with 3 corner […]

More Kwikway bars will be soon ready to ship

Call for pricing

Model “FL” Reconditioned (rebuilt) will sell for $7950. outright or $6950. exchange Model FWSII with out 1291 stand sells for $5390. or $4390 exch. 1291 Boring Stand sells for $1350. Model FW Reconditioned (rebuilt) will sell for $5750. outright or $4750. exchange   Pictures soon

Kwikway Boring Bar model “FN”

$ 6264.00 or 5264.00 exchange

Another FN ready to ship: Completely reconditioned

Kwikway Boring Bar model “FN” reconditioned (rebuilt)

"FN: is $6264.00 or $5264.00. exchange

For 39 years I sold Kwikway boring bars new & used. Most of the used ones needed some repair, but now that the later models “FN”s, “FL”s, “FW”s “FWS”s have been out since 1964 most of them now need much more repair to work right, with some exception, I  mostly quit selling used as is kwikway bars, […]

Kwikway Boring Bar model “FN”

$6264.00 or $5264.00 exchange

This is a reconditioned bar gone through completely & tested. (feed nut, belts, drive key, polish or grind bar, hone casting, clutch & pins for return, seals, anchor nuts, bevel gears & bronze gear,  motor cleaned and new cord, disassemble & assemble & paint, 18-22 hours labor). Also new tool bits, diamond lapping disc (lifetime) […]

Phoenix Boring Bar model BB1600 (New)

$ 7995. reduced to $4495.

  Model shown in picture blue is a large BB1600. These Phoenix machines have been made in Asia for 22 years. These machines are a combination of Kwikway, Storm Vulcan & Rottler. In testing we got a beautiful finish. This bar has aprox the same range as a kwikway “FL” We have discontinued this line, […]